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I'm Reema but you all can call me Ree. I sketch stuffs I like.

Fandoms: Tales of Series, Legend of Zelda, Shadow Hearts: Covenant, Final Fantasy Series, Nier, Xenogears, Suikoden 2, Bioshock, Diablo 3, Adventure Time, Fate/Zero, Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, Umineko No Naku Koro Ni, Blood Plus, Gintama

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More updated version of this. Sadly I am abandoning this piece because I left it for too long and saw too many problems after LOL I’m thinking of just redrawing the entire thing. (And I hope to finish in time)

Doodle based off of Link from the upcoming LoZ on the WiiU. I have a feeling this Link is going to be a girl, but we’ll see!! I’ll love it either way.

I’ve also recently made a society6 if anyone’s ever interested for prints of my stuff! The above picture is also available in print.

Some old ff14 sketches… Characters by me, Loosh, Ginni, Amy, and Loser Cutie Trio


Art by Manreeree - tumblr website

2 more days!

My countdown piece for DoD3. So excited to get this game!

I have offered my soul to FF14.. (last two aren’t ff14 related tho-) Some oc’s belong to Rea, Beb, Krio, Hika

A bunch of my instagram uploads lol haven’t been able to finish anything so have many sketchies!

Drew Minfilia for the Final Fantasy Art Collab hosted by edtertainer! She wasn’t really on the list the first time but I asked if I could draw her anyways LOL;; For anyone who’s interested in playing FF14:AAR come join us in the Malboro server!~

I was wondering what school you go to for game developing so I can get an idea of where to go. I'm interested in animating (like anime and stuff like that) and video games are interesting too. I'm still in highschool and planning my future right now.
terranoie terranoie Said:

Hey there! I didn’t exactly go for game development haha I went for 3D for my school. There are schools out there that offer gaming development as a package so do check out if any school close to you offers that. In the end, the school you go to will not matter once you get out in the working field. They hire people for skills. If you’re interested in animating I would go for an animation major. Video games have way more stuff than art in them so if you want to go to game development, they’re gonna throw a bunch of stuff at you (3d modeling, animation, programming, level design, etc) so I recommend doing research on your classes first if you do choose that route, and ask yourself if you wanna do all that stuff! If you’re only interested in making art however, animation would be the way to go. It’s also important to know what you want to do specifically. Specialization is great. Pick one thing you like and be really good at it. Be known for it! It’s also important to practice and make lots of art ALWAYS EVERY TIME AND EVERY DAY. Passion is going to be your drive in this type of career. As long as you have that you will be successful.


Reema’s character Yuel in a fancy dress ~~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


WIP of what I have been working sadly I’ve been really slow at it so I decided to post my progress.. I miss drawing these two >< Rikhter is Koulin's (or Inklou) character.