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I'm Reema but you all can call me Ree. I sketch stuffs I like.

Fandoms: Tales of Series, Legend of Zelda, Shadow Hearts: Covenant, Final Fantasy Series, Nier, Xenogears, Suikoden 2, Bioshock, Diablo 3, Adventure Time, Fate/Zero, Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, Umineko No Naku Koro Ni, Blood Plus, Gintama

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Do you do commissions and the like?
terranoie terranoie Said:

Not at the moment but I might open up sketch commissions sometime later so please stay tuned!


Character design for Matt’s horror things.

It me art!! 3D model is over at Matt’s page.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Hello! Can I ask or your brush setting, specially for that Zelda U Link drawing? i've been trying to find a brush with that effect for the longest time! Thanks!!
terranoie terranoie Said:


Nothing too special here. I mainly use a square brush (you can find them in default brushes) with these settings. Feel free to play around the dual brush! Hope that helps.


Made a new icon pic for terranoie!

Gotta thank her for staying with me despite the male pattern baldness. 

She da girl who make my nice tumblr icon!!!!!! THANKS GUR and as for the baldness it’s ok you are beautiful just the way you are.

Asker pyrosaitan00 Asks:
They said link wasn't a girl at e3
terranoie terranoie Said:

Actually I looked up a bunch of articles and I find that most of the writers they have state that Link stays as a guy. However no such words directly came out of Nintendo’s mouth. In fact their answers to questions are pretty vague and it could be taken in more ways than one. (These guys play it really safe not to mention too much when a game is in production.) So there is still a possibility. The game is still in the works and anything can change. We’ll just have to see what the game is like when they have more to show! Not that it matters but I think it’ll be a nice change for once. B) Although if Nintendo did say it in exact wording feel free to tell me otherwise, with a source link of course.

More updated version of this. Sadly I am abandoning this piece because I left it for too long and saw too many problems after LOL I’m thinking of just redrawing the entire thing. (And I hope to finish in time)

Doodle based off of Link from the upcoming LoZ on the WiiU. I have a feeling this Link is going to be a girl, but we’ll see!! I’ll love it either way.

I’ve also recently made a society6 if anyone’s ever interested for prints of my stuff! The above picture is also available in print.

Some old ff14 sketches… Characters by me, Loosh, Ginni, Amy, and Loser Cutie Trio


Art by Manreeree - tumblr website

2 more days!

My countdown piece for DoD3. So excited to get this game!

I have offered my soul to FF14.. (last two aren’t ff14 related tho-) Some oc’s belong to Rea, Beb, Krio, Hika